Journal History

Ta’dib was firstly established in the beginning of  1998, pioneered by Dr. Ramayulis, M.A,  Dr. Hasan Zaini, M.A., Drs. Syukri Iska, M.Ag. and some lecturers of  STAIN Batusangkar (now Universitas Islam Negeri Mahmud Yunus Batusangkar). The name “Ta’dib”  was suggested by  Dr. Ramayulis, M.A, the rector of STAIN Batusangkar. The reason underlying the name was that  STAIN Batusangkar was previously derived from  Fakultas Tarbiyah (Faculty of Education) .

The first publication of  Ta’dib for  January-June edition was in July 1998. At the same time, an International Seminar on  “Integration of Religion and Science" was held by  STAIN Batusangkar. The Chief Editor for the first edition was  Dr. Hasan Zaini, M.A, and the editors were Drs. Syukry Iska, M.Ag., Bukhari Umar, M.Ag., Zulmardi, M.Ag., Dra. Suswati Hendriani, Drs. Muhammad Fazis, and technical editors ( for lay-out) were Drs. Masril, and  Maman Suherman, S.Kom.

In 2000, this journal was once  accredited by the issuance of SK. Dirjen DIKTI Depdiknas No: 69/DIKTI/Kep/2000, dated  May 21, 2000. At that time the Editor-in-Chief was Drs. Bukhari Umar, M.Ag. However, the journal was not accredited anymore.

This Journal is published online from January 17, 2017.