Author Guidlines

Guidelines for the writing of articles at Alfuad: Jurnal Sosial Keagamaan can be seen as follows:

Articles are the author's original scientific work and have never been published or are in the process of being published by other media;

Articles emphasize the study of Islamic Social Studies in general and specifically in Indonesia by emphasizing the theories and its practices in the Islamic worlds;

Articles must be in accordance with the surrounding style and journal template;

The author must submit an article that reviews the actual themes within the scope shows the sharpness of analysis, the updating of references, and no plagiarism. The author must fill in the form for the authenticity of the articles;

The articles systematics are:

  • Title;
  • Author's name (without academic degree), affiliation, and e-mail;
  • Abstracts are written in English. The abstract contains a maximum of 300 words;
  • Keywords, between 3-7 words;
  • Introduction;
  • Subtitles (according to the needs of the analysis and discussion);
  • Method;
  • Results and Discussions;
  • Conclusions;
  • References.

Articles can be written in English; 

Articles submitted to Indev: International Journal of Islamic Community Development have written in Papers B5 (Width: 18, Height: 25), Margin (Top: 2,5 cm, left: 2,5 cm, Botton: 2 cm, Right: 2 cm), Times New Roman 12 pt, 1 spaces maximum 25 pages;

Articles submitted to Indev: International Journal of Islamic Community Development have written by using the Mendeley or Zotero manager reference application with Format Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition (full note);

The articles submitted through online submissions must contain the articles file and the academic biographical data;

Make sure that your articles are prepared using the articles templateDownload here the article template.