TAMWILJurnal Ekonomi Islam with ISSN 2476-9452 (Print ISSN) and 2775-8125 (E-ISSN) published twice a year (June and Desember) by the IAIN Batusangkar Graduate Program. The Journal serving as a medium for exploring critical thinking on Islamic Economics and Business issues. It is open for all academics, practitioners, intellectuals, and students with the specification of the study of Islamic Economics. Ideas covering research article, conceptual idea, review of the literature, and practical experience. The scope of TAMWIL are limited to islamic economics and business, Islamic financial institutions, Islamic economic law, business ethics, research and present issues.

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Vol 8, No 1 (2022)

Table of Contents

Husni Shabri, Ivahzada Marella Edgina, Muhammad Said
Rahayuning Tyas Sari, Maulida Nurhidayati
Nadia Renata, Riko Afrimaigus
Aprina Chintya
Selfi Hastri Ningsih, Aslan Hari Risetiadi
Roby Setiawan, Rizal Rizal, Himyar Pasrizal
Oktri Permata Lani, Nil Firdaus