Batanang : Jurnal Psikologi

Batanang: Jurnal Psikologi is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing novel research in the field of psychology. Details on our focus and scope can be viewed here. Batanang : Jurnal Psikologi is published biannual on June and December and accepts current research articles that have the potential to make a significant contribution to the exploration and development of psychology and behavioral sciences. Articles submitted to this journal must display a well-thought-out study design, appropriate data analysis, and interpretation.

This journal is a scholarly publication published by the Universitas Islam Negeri Mahmud Yunus Batusangkar, with the aim of advancing understanding in the field of communication and broadcasting, with a special focus on the Islamic perspective. The journal is managed by the Department of Islamic Communication and Broadcasting, which is part of the Faculty of Ushuluddin, Adab, and Da'wah.

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Vol 2, No 2 (2023)

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Lilis Dahlia, Wahidah Fitriani, Dani Yoselisa
Namira Ummi Khalsum.YB, Sri Putri Rahayu
Ghina Imtinan, Mutia Aini Ahmad
Mita Fani Tri Mutya, Cintiya Monica, Riska Muliati, Rahmi Rahmi
Farra Anisa Rahmania, Fitria Dian Rahmayanti
Rinaldi Pratama Putra, Desmita Desmita