Aplikasi Bisnis Eco Racing Pada PT. Best Sinergy Berbasis Andorid

Trisya Septiana, Muhammad Odi Ryan Maulana


Currently, the world of technology is progressing and developing quite rapidly. One of the rapid technological advances is Android. Android is an operating system that uses a modified version of the Linux kernel. Android provides a complete, open and free platform that gives programmers the ability to develop as expected. Eco Racing is the latest innovation product in the form of pills, discovered by alumni of ITB Bandung graduates by the nation's children and has been researched for more than 10 years, even this Eco Racing product has passed tests from various laboratories such as Petrolab and Lemigas, and as a Support System. which helps its business partners grow. However, the current system still uses the web, in developing this business partners still run face-to-face or offline, and partners cannot find out the available product stock. Based on these problems to develop the previous system, the researcher designed an Android application, so that introduction and marketing can be done online without the need to meet face to face, and with this application customers and partners can find out the available product stock.

In writing this final project, the research method used is field research, namely interviews by asking questions through question and answer, literature literacy. The system design tool uses UML (Unifed Modeling Language), while the software used in the system uses the Java programming language.

By utilizing the application program, it is hoped that it will facilitate the introduction or offer of the Eco Racing business to the general public.

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